Update from Monte Calvario and Fabrica Anniversary

From Ptr. Nonilon Polo – Jan 2011
Dear. Bro. Mike,
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  May the grace and peace flow abundantly in our midst.
As I continue my work in the place of my mission, through his never ending love, blessings and glorious support it is continuing, and I am very much thankful to God.For giving me a partner in ministerial task. In terms of our weekly schedule; we have Bible study in Barangay montecalvario, bragay. Beguin, and Jamorawon. About church members there are 32 Christian attending in our service including the children. About the financial and monthly collection by the end of the year we have a balance of 580.00 pesos Philippine currency this money has been used for electricity of the church. And the other amount has been used for the maintenance of the tricycle. One of the activities in our church we are doing is we conducted a training for children to sing on how to praise and Worship the Lord. The purpose of this training is to have a future song leader someday to be used by the Lord in his kingdom.  My wife Marjorie will be the one who handle the training for the children.
By the end of year 2010 Pastoral house has been done I’d like to thank to those who help to us in order to finish it. And we have also tricycle shade that’s why we thank very for your concern. And support in montecal church. And we pray that more supporters will be encouraged to extend their support in montecalvario ministry. May God Bless you more, we very much appreciate and are thankful for everything you’ve done for us. Please pray for us
In Christ Name,
Pastor Nonilon and Marjorie Polo

Fabrica 18th Anniversary and Child Dedication

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