Update from Allen Christian Church

From Ptr. Randy and Nida Rivera – February 27, 2011
About 20 children attend on our Milk feeding Bible Study in Barangay Talisay.  Sister Lordy and Carl assist in the ministry to the children.  At Barangay Looc – our Young People assist in the ministry for about 20 children who attended.   At Allen, a child named Niko is a grade one pupil and he invited all of  his Playmates to come.
Radio program is still on going 6-7 A.M (Good Morning Allen) and 3-4 P.M (Heartline) Listeners send in their text messages from different places are always telling us, thank you for the continuous support. And I encourage them to keep sending their text messages, because they are full of positive responses.   Glory to God!  Our sponsor for our Heartline program is continuing because they are blessed by our radio show.

All members now is trained up to evangelize. Last January there are 6 new contacts. After our Prayer Meeting we go on two by two. Song Leading, Presider and short exortation in Tithes and Offering were being scheduled to all. Through this all can participate.
We are planning To schedule Baptism in May or April.   We see that six years of age is old enough for children to understand their belief.
By God’s grace all of us are in good health, safe in spite of the  continuous eruption of Bulusan Volcano. Jordan is on his second year in college, Gracelyn is third Year High School , she just finished their J.S Prom. Karl is now three Years Old and memorized all children’s song.

The Northern Samar Children’s Ministries Network (NSCMN), in which I am active here in Allen, has a goal to make people awared of Child Trafficking because it is also one of the problems here in Samar. That is why I volunteered in this group. This also use this as a tool to share the Gospel every time we conducted awareness in different places here in Northern Samar .  This children’s ministries is our starting point to enter every barangay to look for our contact for Bible Studies. Our radio program helps in our other ministry, because every time someone hears that I am “Pastor Randy” we enjoy their warm welcome for us.

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