Updates from Barcelona, Casiguran, Bulusan & Castilla Churches

Dear Brother Mike & PAMI Board,
Greetings of love, joy and peace. Grace be to you and blessings from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.
Barcelona Christian Church presently on its process of expanding its ministry to our nearby barangays.
Our outreach Bible study in Barangay Cagang in 11 houses which formerly done separately is now joined together for worship every Saturday afternoon. Adults and young people for worship followed by children’s Bible study and feeding.
We have growing numbers of children attendees in Barangay Cagang.
We are planning to construct building of light materials so that our fellowship would be more orderly as we do it now in a house not big enough to accommodate people. This is encouraging because people are very willing to contribute and to help to materialize this project.
We also have newly opened Bible study in Barangay Bangate, Barcelona. We started with 6 persons and about 15 children.
Low points:
Since Barcelona church is not stable financially, we struggle with regard to supporting our outreaches. Our prayer that this church would eventually grow both spiritually and financially.
Prayer Requests:

  1. The construction of light materials building in Barangay Cagang.
  2. Barcelona church to become more stable
  3. health of our kids
  4. growth of our newly-opened Bible studies
  5. more receptive hearts to the Gospel of people in Barangay Luneta

Our prayer that God continue to bless the work in Barcelona and all of the PAMI mission. God abundantly bless us all!
In Christ vineyard,
Ptr Pio & Jovie & Family
Dear Brother Mike & PAMI Board,
Greetings of peace from our precious Lord and savior Jesus Christ. We always say thank you for all your support both financially and prayers. You are indeed partners in God’s vineyard. When there are situations that seem hindering us to work in the ministry you are one of the inspirations to continue. Because you always take a deliberate effort to be partners of us. May God continue to bless all your efforts and together we can reach out souls that God wants to save.
About family
Sis Elsie, my wife, delivered a baby boy on August 2 and we named him John Kyzel. Our daughter Jane Kyle is turning 4 this coming October and she’s now studying in Barangay Day Care Center.
Casiguran Town Ministry
Children’s ministry of 50 to 60 children.
Home Bible studies at Barangays Adovis, Campsite and Somal-ot.
About San Juan Ministry
We hold our Bible study at houses of our contacts. Last August 16, our host was Sis Shirley Hadap; she even invited us that prayer meeting be held in her house and also for birthday celebration of her son Zandro. Praise God that some members are now volunteers in teaching children like Sis Gloria and Sis Lory.
All of our Bible studies gathered here in town once a month for Worship celebration. We schedule this way because of the distance of houses that they can’t afford to go to town every Sunday.
Prayer Requests:

  1. Spiritual strength
  2. Good health of our kids
  3. motorcycle
  4. more houses to open for Bible studies

Thank you all for your intercessions.
Partners in God’s work,
Ptr Rafael & Elsie Dominguez
Dear Brother Mike & PAMI board,
In Christ’s wonderful Name! Praise God for the ministry here in Bulusan. Aside from the growing numbers of attendees in our worship service, we’re able to open new Bible studies in other barangays like San Bernardo, Catorse Puno and Layo. We also have growing numbers of children which we met once a week for teaching and feeding.
Praye requests:

  1. spiritual strength, knowledge and wisdom
  2. Physical recovery (from stroke) of Brother Boy Robles
  3. Partner in life and in the ministry
  4. More openings of Bible studies

Thank you very much for your support spiritually and financially. We are always praying for all of you too.
In Christ’s Name,
Pastor Virgil Gacis
Thank God for all the blessings that He has given for our church. Our new church building provides more space to accommodate more people in our services. This attracts more newcomers/symphatizers to attend in our Sunday Worship. Our focus for this coming month is to maximize our contacts for Home Bible studies. Thank for more people who open for Bible studies like in Cagurong, Village, Pili and Panganitohan. Two of our members, Sis Minda and Brother Allan are helping me conduct Bible studies. We keep on praying for more committed members to assist in the Lord’s work. Despite of the hard economic conditions of people in Castilla, The Lord is opening more doors for Bible study.
Church Activities:
Monday: Adult discipleship training
Wednesday: Prayer Meeting
Thursday: Bible Study at Village; Adriatico Family
Saturday: Bible study Barangay Pili & Kilometer 1
Sunday: Worship service; Bible study at Cagurong; Panganitohan & Youth discipleship training
Prayer Requests:

  1. Growth in all our Bible studies
  2. Successful discipleship training for youth
  3. feeding budget for children
  4. computer
  5. church instruments
  6. motorcycle
  7. My wife Airen to be transferred in nearer school for her teaching
  8. Good health of our baby Aira Loise (she always suffers from cough & cold)
  9. renovation of pastoral house
  10. church growth

The Lord is good, He is worthy to be praised!
Pastor Redgie & Airen Bonifacio

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