Report from Bulan Church


One of the 2nd story rooms being added to the parsonage portion of the Bulan Church.

3rd Quarter Report from Pastor Virgilio Fulo

Construction of Pastoral house update:
After 25 days of working at least 80% of construction has been finished. This will be the last week of work and the expenses will be 135,000.00 Philippines currency ($3200).  110, 000 ($2600) from Ptr. Jun plus the 500 dollars from Mike. The remaining work to be done for instance, finishing of the walls inside and outside. Widening the ladder and finishing, we still need financial to be completed. This is our prayer request.
Bible studies

  1. Bro. Manding family-every Sunday afternoon (Tanga).
  2. Sis. Golly family-every Saturday (Obrero).
  3. Sis. Lilia, Anna, Edying-every Wednesday (Zone-2).
  4. Sis. Vergie family-every Friday (Zone-7).
  5. Sis. Adora family-every Thursday.
  6. Sis. Belen family- every Saturday.

Young people activity

  1. Cell group every month
  2. Youth gathering every month.

BCWM activity

  1. Every Monday prayer fellowship.
  2. Monthly regular meeting.
  3. Interchurch prayer meeting every second and last Friday.

Another church activity

  • Sunday School
  • Sunday Service
  • Monthly Prayer meeting
  • Prayer and Fasting
  • Morning devotion
  • Regular Prayer meeting

About my Family
Melvin will go to Manila at the end of September to follow up the necessary documents and requirements needed for his next hiring.
Alvin is very busy doing his school project everyday until night. He is using his laptop to do the project. He is now the chairman of young people in our church. He has a good leadership. He loves to play guitar and keyboard.
Nathan will be finishing his first semester of studies in Legazpi (medical technology); he is also doing well in his studies. He is our drummer every Sunday.
Other reports will be sent to you later.
Your partner in ministry,
      Ptr. Virgilio Fulo

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