Bulan Highlights from 2011

Below is a summary report from Ptr. Virgilio Fulo on the ministry of Bulan Christian Church and daughter churches
Summary report 2011
Praise God we are very much thankful for all the blessings we received for the past year 2011, especially for giving us the strength and good health because this is a important things in our life. Year 2011 is a very good year for us because we baptized forty one souls, we dedicated eleven children, and we officiated one wedding.   It is great!   To God be the Glory! About young people activities … they have their dawn watch every morning, cell group and Bible studies outside and inside Bulan and youth gathering. This is very effective and fruitful by the help of the Lord because they exert their efforts camaraderie and collaboration for the expansion of God’s kingdom. Last December they have their Music Fest for the first time being Christmas activity instead of caroling. Music fest has been successful by the help of the Lord. The main purpose of this is to have funds to be use for every activity, like for instance youth gathering anniversary and others. They will celebrate their Second Anniversary on February. They are doing great things that can improve the church and they use their talents, knowledge and skills in serving the Lord because they accepted the truth that they are the future of the church. We thanked God also because they heard our request about the second story, because we experienced floods for several times it is very difficult and we are affected. Thanks to God, just to be safer and to feel comfortable and convenience, to avoid flood during rainy season. Because this time the weather is unpredictable cause of global warming. Our gratitude of appreciation expresses our hearts to those who gave towards it. Thank you very much and now we are praying this year 2012 to be good for us this is a new vision and new challenge, hopefully God will give us strength and knowledge to do good things thank you very much.
About my family … my wife is in good condition she is doing well she continues teaches Bible school and handles Sunday school every Sunday. She leads praying and morning devotion just to give encouragement to brothers and sisters in Christ. Sometimes she accompanies me to Bible study. Thanks for her support prayer encouragement.  I’m praying for good heath and wisdom. Myself, I’m good I have so many things to do as pastor and great responsibility. I’m praying to God for strength and good health, wisdom knowledge and skills to be use in serving the Lord. Alvin and Nathan will continue their studies at the same time they are doing things and church activity they use their talents in the Lord and youth activities. Melvin is still waiting for the right timing of the Lord to be back on his work as a seaman.
All for now thank you and God bless you.
Your partner in ministry,
Ptr. Virgilio and family

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