Prayer Requests

Here are some prayer requests from a few of the PAMI churches

Prayer requests from Casiguran PAMI:
1. More attendees in San Juan Cell Groups
2. Young people’s Bible study every Saturday morning
3. Children Bible club Sunday afternoon
4. Door to door evangelism month of April
5. Home Bible studies at church families
6. Good health for Dominguez family
Prayer Requests from Irosin PAMI:
1. Radio ministry
2. Church lot
3. Ministry in Cawayan
4. Cell group in Patag
5. Added income for members
From Emmaus
1. EBI graduation and ministries for the graduates
2. Alternative Learning System
3. Continued growth of Virtues small groups
4. PADABA parents and children
5. Sirangan Outreach ministry
6. Door To door evangelism March 14 (first year and second year class of Sis Ofel in Evangelism)
7. April Water Baptism
8. PAMI Board and supporters, protection and good health
9. Miracle of healing for Ptr Chito

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