EBI Graduation and Update from Sis. Ofel

The following update was written by Ptr. Chito’s wife, Sis. Ofel on March 21.

Dear Brother Mike,

Greetings in Jesus name! We had our EBI graduation, the 16th of March. Though the ceremony was simple, yet everyone was excited to see new batch of workers added to the ministry of God. Parents, partner churches, guests joined with us in the said event. Thank you very much for the prayer not just for the success of the program but for the future ministry of the Graduates as well. Some of them have a prepared  plan already like Brother Jess Huab who wants to continue the work in Cawayan Irosin with Irosin PAMI church; Dioveta Anion commits to helping the children’s program in Emmaus; Robelyn Ongcal wants to pursue the Missionary Training Program; Rommel Cervantes  is now the Project Director in his church Compassion Project in Sorsogon Baptist Church; and Marites Espano  will be going to Manila to continue the work during her Internship in Echoes of Praise Church.

By the way thank you very much for your Wedding Anniversary greetings last March 14th.I was very touched with your very encouraging words for Pastor Chito. I think it helps a lot especially on meditating on the love and power of God.

I am so blessed for  your care and love  that you showed  my husband it means a lot for me and my children. I know God in His bountiful blessings will return all the kindness you showed for my family thank you so much.

This coming April we’ll have our Baptism and  our  Emmaus Family Gatherings  3rd week of the month at Bacon beach Sorsogon.

The  M2M or  Ministering  to Ministers [for couples] will be conducting a free Seminar  in the Sorsogon province. Most of PAMI married pastors will be joining because this is being coordinated by the ACM in Manila. The purpose is to offer Marriage Counseling seminar for all pastors in the province with free food and transportation.

The ALS (Alternative Learning System) conducted an orientation today. We prepared all the requirements of partnership with them. ALS is a program of the government catering to people who did not finish elementary or high school, age 14 and above. But this is also in partnership with Christian agencies, the HOPES (Harnessing Opportunities by Providing Education and Skills) to ensure that the program is church based. This ALS-HOPES will complement with our small groups especially for members of the family who want to finish elementary and high school and eventually the vocational course/skills that would be given by the government.

Praise God for all the other activities. On May, we will have a DVBS for children at Emmaus.  Last March 14, I required the students on my Acts subject to apply what they have learned on how to evangelize people. We prayed much about this activity and God blessed us because 10 houses on Imperial Homes open up their houses for our new contact Bible study that will be followed up by the Interns.

All for now. The highest glory belongs to him alone.

May the Lord keep his eyes on us, May his infinite love surround our hearts as we continue serving him faithfully.

With so much love in Jesus,

Sis. Ofel D. Mendizabal

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