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PAMI’s Emmaus Bible Institute is a 4-year post-secondary Bible school that helps prepare people to be pastors and Christian workers.  The school year goes from June to March.  The 1st and 2nd semester class schedules can be seen by clicking the following: 1st & 2nd sem 2016-2017-1 .  The EBI partition of PAMI is also involved in many other ministries besides these Bible school classes.  EBI is home to Emmaus Christian Fellowship, which not only serves as a campus church, but also serves the whole neighborhood.  This ECF church has spawned other nearby daughter churches (e.g. Bulabog & Penafrancia).

EBI people help do Bible study follow-up with families of Operation Blessings wheelchair recipients.

EBI also hosts once-a-week continuing education Master’s classes conducted by guest speakers from the Bicol Center for Christian Leadership in Legazpi every Friday.  EBI hosts many other workshops and training sessions as well.  EBI also partners with several Christian organizations, including Compassion (EBI serves as a Padaba Child Development Center for over 150 Compassion sponsored kids to come for 6 hours each weekend), Samaritan’s Purse, Operation Blessings, and Matthew 18:14.  Matthew 18:14 provides curriculum for EBI people to teach once-a-week half-hour Values Instruction Classes in several neighboring public schools (see pictures below).  EBI people also teach Family Development Sessions to government welfare recipients.  These are all great ways to connect with the community.  Here’s are some EBI reports:
EBI Partition Sept21_2016
EBI Oct 25 2016 update



EBI ministering in the public schools:

Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child follow-up discipleship and awards ceremony where students receive color New testaments (Capuy Elementary School is one of the sites where this took place):

Family Development Sessions for government welfare recipients:

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