Castilla Church Report and Start of EBI Classes

click on: Oct 6th update from Ptr Redgie of Castilla church

The school year was supposed to start in early June; EBI finally started in-person again on Aug 24 after more than a two month delay

August 24 2020 – EBI Opening – Coming of Students
    1st year 
    1. Christian Bio – Matnog – now in campus
    2. Jamil Fernandez Benale – Irosin – now in campus
    3. Jelvin Quintana – Donsol – now in campus
    4. Mike Arisga – Matnog 
    5. Marites Hila Capistrano – Bibincahan Sor City – now in campus
    6. Jeanifer Jamisola – Guinlajon

Plus Ysabella & Shane from Matnog

    2nd year
    1. Samuel Acaso

    3rd year
    Jonas Homo

4th year
    Elsa Labayo

click on: Aug 4th EBI report by Sis Ofel Mendizabal

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