Leadership Training

A Church Workers and Leadership Training Course was piloted in five places on Oct 9, 2020 with 6 – 8 participants at each site. With such a successful kick-off, a sixth site will be added in Calagoto Barcelona, where 10 more candidates are interested in participating. These EBI modular extension classes are to be held 1-5 pm every Friday for a year, with teachers rotating every month. Students are to complete 10 subjects to graduate with a certificate by next October. These condensed versions of EBI curriculum are a great abbreviated option for lay leaders of the church. While there are still 11 on-campus fulltime students pursuing a 4-year option that is more thorough (e.g. to become pastors), EBI is re-inventing itself and vastly expanding its reach by adding these 45 part-time extension students to its roles. After recognizing the quality and value of the good training to which they are being exposed, maybe some of these part-time students will become full-time later, or be more inclined to send their kids to the full-time program.

See the October 2020 Bulletin and October 30 blog post for more on the modular extention classes.

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