Sept Newsletter and Oct Bulletin and Modular Extension Classes

Click on the following: Sept 2020 PAMI News and Oct 2020 PAMI Bulletin

Note that the Oct 2020 PAMI Bulletin features the new EBI modular extension class program. Teachers were working on curriculum during quarantine, and now it’s finally running and well attended. The next month’s schedule is as follows:

Number of students from particular places with modular studies.

  • Irosin-7
  • Candumaay-6
  • Castilla-6-7
  • EBI-4
  • Bulan-9
  • Calaguto-9

Note that the last modular session for this October will be postponed due to bad weather related to another typhoon in PAR instead will be held to next month.

Since the existing modular classes is on six areas, six teachers and six subjects simultaneously, then the second semester will also be held on six areas likewise. The former schedule was again arranged.

For second semester schedule:

Ptr. Marlon –Bible Study Method

Ptr. Raff-Cults

Sis. Espie-Pauline Epistles


Ptr.Michael-New Testament Survey

Ptr.Elmer-Old Testament Survey

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